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      Brand Building Point to the surface

      News   2015-12-31

      Guangzhou Yu Meng Yang Auto parts Co., Ltd is a professional automotive EFI system accessories.
      According to the general manager Hao said, Guangzhou Yu Meng Yang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in 2006 launched WEILI brand has been two years, WEILI brand in the market also won the good response. In order to meet market needs, in 2008, after exploration and research of the market, Yu Meng Yang focus on the Wiley brand to the market. Yu Meng Yang this in one fell swoop effort in establishing more clear brand concept, the added value of the brand, let distributors, terminal repair shop and owners all know Willie products and brand.

      Mr Hao said:“Establish a good brand, the key is the quality of products”. Willy's successful launch of the brand and good market response is naturally associated with good product quality. Many people know, the domestic auto parts enterprises can be described as mixed, shoddy, deceptive numerous examples. Recently, the major media exposure automotive accessories unqualified facts. Yu Meng Yang has been insisting the "high-quality auto parts products" available to dealers and aftermarket. Although it is impossible to eradicate the chaos of the industry status quo, Yu Meng Yang insisted high quality go all the way.

      In addition , Mr Hao said:“Yu Meng Yang will provide professional products and technology for the selected dealer training, the right knowledge and technology to promote its products out, so that more people understand auto parts, know how to distinguish between good and bad identification of auto parts”. We believe that through this work, can help people improve their awareness of auto parts, from the other side to help regulate the market.

      With "innovation, perseverance, efficient, excellent" ideas and actions to face pressure from all sides

      Since the first half of this year, prices of raw materials has been a topic of various industries. For the auto industry and auto parts industry, it is a major issue related to the survival and development. Extrusion parts enterprises by the upstream and downstream. Prices of upstream raw materials raise, it have an impact in enterprise. Many parts enterprises depend on the  downstream enterprises, lack of the right to speak in the industrial chain, it is difficult to raise prices. Auto parts enterprises with more OEMs have signed long-term contracts, and there is a deposit of default,  and bear the risk of cost increases

      For Mr Hao, the external pressure is preventable and boycott. Rising costs, profit margin compression, which is bound to Yang Yu Union has a certain influence. But it  is not terrible, the key issues is how to deal with, how to solve?

      Develop strategies implementation strategy

      "Strategy" which Mr Hao crisis frequently used words when company faces trouble. "Strategy" always carry out Yang Yu Meng "innovation,  dedication, and excellence" concept:Using innovative methods of work to optimize business management program, with innovative product technology to improve product performance; We have the spirit of perseverance in the face difficulties encountered in the process of product research, dedicated to deal with obstacles of market development process; High quality of work, in order to obtain corporate and personal excellence and fruitful achievements……It is because of "innovation, perseverance, efficient, excellent" strategy, Yu meng Yang will still WEILI brand to launch, and get a good market response.

      When asked about the problem of rising costs, Mr Hao always thought: Chinese enterprises have entered the era of high cost. The production of raw materials costs continue to increase, the high cost era to accelerate industrial structural adjustment. This is for the Chinese parts industry, which is actually a good thing. Companies will be more consideration to reduce energy consumption, improve labor productivity, improve technology, complete the transition from cost advantage to the technology advantage. To a new step in the use of energy and resources will be. But for the whole industry, will be a comprehensive reshuffle process.

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